Active Harmonic Filter Panels

General Description:

AccuSine PCS+ is a power quality solution, it can be operated as a displacement power factor correction and load balancing device independent of, or in conjunction with, harmonic mitigation. With ultra-fast and accurate harmonic cancellation.

Flexible and scalable:

  • All types of harmonic producing loads
  • Single load, bus or global site filtering
  • Compatible with future load changes
  • Easy sizingand independent of system impedance
  • Simple selectiononline tool
  • Simple installationand ease of expansion
  • Flexible parallel operation modes for multi-unit installations

Standard RMS output current ratings:
60 A, 120 A, 200 A, 300 A – 380 V AC to 480 V AC

Nominal voltage:
380-480 V AC; +10%/-15%

Nominal frequency:
50/60 Hz, ±3 Hz auto sensing

Number of phases:
3-phase, with or without neutral

Operating Temperature:
60 A, 120 A & 200 A: IP00, IP20, UL Type Open, & UL Type 1 configurations -0 °C to 45 °C