Maintenance Services

5 Reasons

Why you should have an annual maintenance contract ?

Expert technicians at your disposal​

Emergency support when you need it

Save money and make budget easier

Get more out of you hardware or facilities

Focus on other things and leave maintenance to the pros

Services designed to support our clients throughout the life cycle of the project

20 Years Of Excellence


Why is maintenance of electrical power distribution devices and equipment essential?


How can you optimally maintain electrical power distribution equipment and devices?


Proactive monitoring and management of equipment performance


The benefits of maintenance and its impact on the work system


A list of test devices, technical data on them, and a sample of instrument calibration


A sample of previous projects and reports used in maintenance

What are the advantages of Power Center Factory in electrical maintenance over the rest of the competitors
Platinum certification from Schneider Electric for the manufacture of low voltage panels
Accreditation from the consultant office of Dar Al Handasa Consultant for the projects of the Great Mosque of Mecca
The Power Center Factory is the only factory contracted with Schneider Electric to provide maintenance services for low and medium voltage panels
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