How can you optimally maintain electrical power distribution equipment and devices?

Maintenance contracts from Power Center

The maintenance contracts of the Power Center plant are specially designed to suit your needs as our experts work with you to develop a maintenance program that suits your technical and financial situation With our 30 years of experience we have been able to maintain Electrical power distribution equipment to develop and submit comprehensive maintenance plans As needed and requested, this includes:

Proactive site maintenance works with the application of the latest methods and technology Proactive diagnosis.

Preventive (periodic) maintenance.

Corrective maintenance.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is the best combination of preventive maint enance (According to our recommendations as a manufacturer) and the application of our unique diagnostic techniques Proactive on each equipment or apparatus separately, to bring the equipment to the highest levels safety and continuity of operation.

Importance of implementing proactive maintenance periodically and regularly to enable you to:

Obtaining a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the equipment, by identifying any symptoms, defects, or deterioration in the performance and efficiency of any of its internal components before the malfunction.

Obtaining reports that include a complete assessment of the condition of the equipment and the extent of its compliance or it does not meet the standards.

Study and develop a future plan for the cost of replacing and renewing non-conforming equipment to standard standards.

Proactive diagnostic solutions

Performs the application of proactive diagnostic techniques to electrical power distribution equipment to early detection of the wear and tear of the internal components due to use, and from the reduction the risks of sudden power outages and unforeseen malfunctions.

Actions and techniques for proactive diagnostics that are performed on equipment during operation:

“Corona“ This diagnosis is performed on medium voltage panels with It is detected if there is a partial discharge (invisible spark) either on Surface of insulators or from within.

“IR Thermography“ Infrared thermal imaging determines connection points that need to be reconnected and that have high temperature.
This helps reduce the risk of thermal failure in voltage equipment and systems low.


This diagnosis can be applied to medium voltage systems in a limited range and depending on the condition of each site.

Proactive diagnostic work and techniques that are performed on equipment during electrical disconnection:

Preventive (periodic) Maintenance

Preventive maintenance shall be carried out during the scheduled cuto times (according to plan On-site maintenance) to minimize the impact on operating and productivity

Power Center Factory have database of maintenance protocols for all The company's equipment for the distribution of electricity, whether for medium or Low voltage, includes information on:

Safety standards.

Examination, testing and comparison with audit schedules for each equipment.

Original spare parts.

To ensure preventive maintenance is performed in the ideal way to maintain efficiency Equipment, it has to be done by specialists on a regular and regular basis.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is carried out in the event of equipment failure. And be the target of Intervention in this case is to restore operating conditions, and that is by speed Fault detection and repair with restart in the shortest possible time.

Our technicians achieve the highest repair rate the first time thanks to:

Experience and technical competence in diagnosing and repairing distribution equipment electricity.

Provision of original spare parts.

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