Power Center Services

Services Department provides to major entities in Public & Private sectors in Saudi Arabia an independent, knowledgeable assurance that work is being performed according to specifications and Global standards. We are committed in providing quality services to clients in a timely & cost effective manner Service Department Staff are fully trained authorised persons who carry out all duties relating to the safe operation and running of our clients ‘low voltage systems. These duties range from a full on-site presence to daily requirements. In order to achieve these challenging objectives, the Services department is fully equipped with a highly comprehensive array of advanced, calibrated equipment including primary and secondary injects kits, high voltage kits, circuit breaker analyzers, Power factor analyzers and very latest thermal videography camera

Engineering Services

Power Center company is offering various engineering services via the Engineering Services & Studies department (ESS)

After Sales Services

Well trained experienced technicians covers 24 hrs/day 7 days/week properly operate and maintain your panels

Maintenance Service

Expert technicians at your disposal Emergency support when you need it Save money and make budget easier

Our Projects Services

Services designed to support our clients throughout the life cycle of the project. We are a full service partner that will take responsibility for all of the project activities. Our services include:

Providing the best itemized summary for our Clients, in terms of cost effective approach & the best product selection; ensuring the needs for the technical standards & the desired Quality for our valu­ able customers.

The procedures & techniques involved in our System Design are highly efficient & reliable in satisfying the specified requirements. Highly reliable expert advice in Low Voltage Distribution & Control Solutions get us the customer’s dependability.

Depending upon the requirement from our customers, we execute on site upgradation of the existing Live Panel boards, for instance with addition of the new Circuit breakers with Specialized Busbar rework without impacting the service delivered by the respective Panels.

We perform all the tests on-Site as per the IEC Standards, based on our Client’s requirement; to mention a few – High Voltage test, Micrologic test, Di-electric test, Contact Resistance test, Insulation test etc.

Providing after sales support to our customer’s for the maintenance of the Switchboards, in order to retain the continuity of the service in an efficient manner.
Deploying highly efficient & technically sound representatives in order
to handle the technical aspects, during the Service life of the Switch­
boards as and when required by our valuable Customers

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