Medium Voltage Switchgear

General Description:

Primary AIS MV Switchgear withdrawable CB up to 17.5 kV 4000A

Schneider range MCset 17.5 kV is present on all electrical distribution applications including MV Substations hospital, airports, oil, off-shore, merchant marine and navy

High level protection of people: each compartment is isolated from the others by earthed metal partitions, safety interlocking
Reduced maintenance and probability of failure: monitoring of temperature rise, indication of the fault zone
Safety operation: simple use, safety interlock that prevents all unauthorized operation

Codes and standard:

Enable nearby control, ensure safety and uptime

The HMI can be installed anywhere within the substation to allow local control and monitoring, independent of any external systems.

The monitoring information and control functions can be scaled to the needs of each customer.

The technician can operate remotely the switchgear, while keeping visual contact with it.

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