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Synchronizing Panels

Available for indoor & outdoor applications, up to IP55 with ambient temperature 50 deg C

Motor Control Center

Local/ remote real-time access, and automatic restarting - Motor control up to 250 kW

Automatic Transfer Switches

A source-changeover system is indispensable for applications that need a continuous supply of electric power

Lighting Control Panels

Intelligent panel boards for automated lighting control. Reduce energy costs as much as 30% by automatically turning

HVAC Motor Controls

HVAC systems responsible for a large part of buildings’ energy consumption, it’s imperative to set up sustainable

RMU(Ring Main Unit)

RM6 is protecting people and goods all over the world with 1’000’000 installed functions in MV secondary

Variable Speed Drive Panels

Dedicated to process Industry and Utilities for 3 phases synchronous, asynchronous and special motors from

Soft Starter Panels

Soft Starters provide a slow ramp-up of the motor to help decrease mechanical shock and electrical peak demand

Active Harmonic filter Panels

Meeting every power quality harmonic standard around the world, the PowerLogic AccuSine PCS+ is the most

APFC Panels (Capacitor Bank)

Reduce power factor, lower operating and capital costs, improve power system efficiency and reduce energy

Medium Voltage Switchgear

The monitoring information and control functions can be scaled to the needs of each customer

Starter Panels

Designed for standalone direct online, star-delta, dual speed, forward reverse individual start motor Single phase

Main Distribution Switchboards/ Switchgears

BlokSeT is low voltage switchboard for power distribution and motor control up to 7000A, manufactured by Power center factory

Package Substation

Power Center manufactures complete range of Compact Package substations (PSS) withstanding all operating conditions & specially engineered to work


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