The benefits of maintenance and its impact on the work system

Improve productivity & business continuity

The proactive maintenance application is performed during the scheduled cut off times Electrophoresis to reduce downtime due to equipment failure and it stops working suddenly, so the maintenance application being proactive contributes to improving productivity and continuity of operation, as it is It contributes to reducing the waste of materials affected by the outage sudden in the current.

The implementation of regular and regular maintenance of electrical distribution equipment is prepared more feasible and cost- effective than emergency immediate repairs.

Maximizing the total cost (asset cost + operating cost)

A well-designed maintenance plan maintains power distribution equipment in your electrical system, as well as maintain the work system and keep it in good condition Regular running

Where early detection of faults leads to:

Maintain the asset cost associated with purchasing power distribution equipment electrical.

Avoidance of losses due to work interruption.

Increased service life of equipment.

This leads to a decrease in the total cost and maximum benefit from assets with the lowest operating cost

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